Ask A Therapist…..Even if She’s Your Mom

My son was in a vehicle accident the other day.  Suffice to say that I am thankful that he walked away with relatively minor injuries: some open wounds on his heel and knee, and soft-tissue damage and swelling on one hand. Still, they were injuries that required attention.

He only told me about the accident two days afterward, sparing me because I would worry. But when he finally fessed up, I raced over
with an arsenal of remedies, from homeopathic tinctures to medical devices that use infrared technologies.

Fortunately, he was born to a mother who is a trained physiotherapist and has a business that researches and distributes products that specialize in pain relief and rehabilitation.

First up was the Thermotex Infra-red Therapy System, a heating pad that
uses far-infrared wavelengths to penetrate deep into tissue to reduce pain and promote healing by increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation. I simultaneously placed the wrist model(Thermotex Wrist … More Information) of the pad on his hand and the platinum version (Thermotex Platinum … More Information) on his knee, for 45 minutes, and left them with him, advising use twice a day, which he’s done for the past three days, and counting.

Next up was the Genesis Pain-Relief Light( Genesis
Pain Relief Light … More Information
)which uses near-infrared
light to decrease inflammation, alleviate pain and accelerate the healing of wounds at a cellular level. I held it to his heel for several minutes and also instructed him to use it on his own.

So how has he fared? Although far from recovered, his swelling and pain
had decreased enough so that, by the third day of use, and the fifth day
following the accident, he was well enough to put on a suit and sandals and hobble into work.

My son the skeptic grudgingly admitted that he thought both devices had
helped to speed his recovery. Sometimes mothers do know best.

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